The Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation

We are a place to turn to if you have little or no financial resources and find yourself burdened with excessive debt or too many bills to pay and no way to pay them. Our team of dedicated and experienced bankruptcy attorneys across Massachusetts are here to help you take advantage of the bankruptcy laws, so that you can put all of your past due bills where they belong—in the past. We can help you break free from the invisible chains of debt and offer you a fresh financial start. For individuals who qualify for our pro bono legal representation program, we will handle your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case from beginning to end, free of charge. You are encouraged to apply by clicking on the "Application" link below. We look forward to helping you overcome debt with dignity.

The MDRF's Mission

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for people who are unduly burdened with excessive debt by providing compassionate and effective pro bono legal representation in order to eliminate debt and restore peace of mind.

Many residents of Massachusetts, through no fault of their own, whether due to illness, disability, job loss, scarcity of employment opportunities or for other reasons are unable to stay current with their financial obligations and can find themselves feeling vulnerable because they cannot pay their bills. With each passing month, balances grow on credit cards due to interest, late fees and collection costs. Medical bills can also get out of control, especially because of a sudden hospitalization or catastrophic injury. Without bankruptcy assistance, several of our fellow citizens will be dangerously and needlessly close to living in poverty or already are.

The Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation is a place for those people to turn to. We can offer a fresh financial start that a chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide to individuals who are unable to afford to pay legal fees or court filing fees. For those qualifying candidates, our team of experienced bankruptcy attorneys and legal support staff throughout our offices in Massachusetts will assist these individuals from beginning to end, at no financial cost to them in counseling, preparation and filing of their pro bono bankruptcy petition, as well as ask the court to waive the filing fees.

In keeping with the spirit of pro bono aspirations, our clients volunteer some of their time assisting a local charity of their choosing. Our goal is to help those who help others build a better community through debt relief.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. This page may be considered "advertising" under Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Rules. The information presented on this entire website in no way constitutes legal advice and does not establish an attorney client relationship, which can only be done after you and an attorney meet and agree on the terms of that relationship.